The Silverado Children’s Center uses an Emergent Curriculum approach.  Emergent Curriculum is a form of curriculum design that is based on the interests of the students and the teacher.  The students' interests are what leads lesson design. When a teacher perceives a “spark” of interest from a student or students, the teacher brainstorms with the student or students to expand on the interest and develop curricula around it.  

Our Staff:

Our dedicated and caring teaching staff meet all licensing requirements.  They are chosen for their love of students, animals, and our natural environment.  Set up a tour and meet our wonderful team!

Our Hours:

We are open daily from 7:15 AM - 6:00 PM.

Our Location:

We are located between Silverado and Modjeska Canyons, behind the old Silverado School (the site of the new  Library of the Canyons).  Below are approximate drive times from other points in Orange County.  We may be a little bit further from your home than other preschools but we offer something that no other preschool in Orange County does: a outdoor education nature preschool program at an affordable price.  

From Portola Hills -  7 minutes

From Foothill Ranch - 10 minutes

From Trabuco Canyon - 20 minutes

From Mission Viejo Library -  25 minutes

From RSM Lake -  20 minutes

From Old Towne Orange -  25 minutes

Tustin Market Place - 15 minutes

Irvine Spectrum - 20 minutes


We are now accepting students from 2.5 years - 6 years (for part-day or full-day preschool).


We have very competitive pricing. 

Please contact for current Tuition Rates.

What Makes Us Different:

  • We are a small school and each student's education is individually designed.
  • We teach connections to the natural environment.
  • Our on-site farm is an integral part of our day-to-day program.
  • We believe that children learn by doing.
  • We create truly happy children by giving them the freedom to be old fashioned kids.  We have no screen time, we encourage our students to get dirty and give them the opportunity to try things out, even if they make mistakes.  We allow our students to problem-solve and to work in a group to find solutions (while under the supervision of a certified staff member of course!)


Our Vision

The Silverado Children’s Center prepares children to be creative, adventurous, work collaboratively with others, and to connect with the natural environment.  We ensure that our students develop skills in the areas of independence, team-working, problem solving, and school-readiness.  We strive to lead other area preschools in the areas of connecting children to their natural environment, learning by doing, and teaching both independence and collaborative work.  

The Silverado Children Center is dedicated to providing environmentally centered child-care, focused on each child's individual needs and learning/developmental style. We are dedicated to hands-on learning by working in an outdoor environment with plants and animals, while integrating teamwork and adventure.  Our educational environment allows children to learn by doing, develop a connection to nature, and work collaboratively with others.  We inspire students to explore, want to learn, care for living things, and be a part of a team. 

Our Mission

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Silverado Children's Center