What are the facilities like?

We are located in the foothills of the beautiful Santa Ana Mountains between Silverado and Modjeska Canyons.  The best part of our facilities are provided by nature: the mountains around us!  We regularly venture into the hills for hikes and adventures.

Here at SCC we have two buildings which house our three classrooms: the "Acorn Room" for our smaller students, the "Pine Cone Room" for our older students, and the "Discovery Room" which has frequently changing hands-on "exhibits" where our students learn through self and guided exploration. 

We have restrooms for both younger and older children and a fully equipped kitchen that we use for learning cooking and baking.

Outside, we have two different large playground sets, a farm animal area, a sand pit, swings, trikes, and are adjacent to a large field for sports.   

What is the staff:student ratio?

Between 1:6 and 1:12 depending on the age of students and time of day.

How are lunches/snacks handled?
Snacks are provided as a part of monthly tuition and are served family style at 10:00AM (morning) and approximately 3:15  PM (afternoon).  Families do provide their own lunch.

Do the children nap?
Yes, both our older and our younger students are encouraged to nap from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

How much is tuition?

Our tuition is very competitive. 

Please contact silveraochildrenscenter@gmail.com for current Tuition Rates.

Your tuition seems like less than other local preschools.  How do you keep your tuition so low?

The Silverado Children's Center is unique as it operates as a part of the Silverado-Modjeska Parks District.  The facilities are provided to the SCC by the parks district  and as such the SCC does not pay rent.    This allows us to provide high quality nature preschool to you at a lower cost.  

What are your hours?
We operate weekdays from 7:15 AM - 6:00 PM. 

Do you offer part-time care?

Yes, we offer both half-days and partial weeks.  This is something that sets us apart from other preschools!  We are very flexible and can accommodate almost any schedule within our operating hours. 

What can I expect my child to do throughout the day at SCC?
Every day is different at SCC but we do follow a basic daily structure.  We typically start our day with outdoor play in the morning and then do rotating organized outdoor activities.  For example, we may build a fort with recycled cardboard, spend time with our farm animals, and create a found-materials band. 

We have “Circle Time” just prior to snack and our students work on listening, taking turns, and sharing with the group.  Family style snack is at approximately 10:30 AM. 

After snack we have indoor exploration time and thematic organized activities.  For example, we may make leaf art, read a book about leaves changing colors, and do a falling leaf dance.  Our themes rotate throughout the year but are typically nature-based. 

Just prior to lunch we typically take a hike or do some sort of other organized outdoor physical play.  Lunch is at 12:15 and is sent from home.  After lunch all students are encouraged to nap.  Quiet play is expected for a short period after naps followed by an afternoon snack. 

Late in the afternoon we have outdoor supervised free play.  At Silverado Children’s Center we allow kids to be kids.  That means getting dirty, making a mess (and learning to clean it up) and lots of time spent running, exploring, and creating.  Expect your child to come home tired and dirty.  For us, that is an indication that they have had a great day!

Silverado Children's Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be our friend?

Do students have to be potty trained to attend? 

Potty training must have been started at home prior to the first day of attendance for new students.  You can read our full potty training policy here.  Please note that there is a monthly potty training fee of $40 (for full-time students) for children who are still in diapers.  This fee is discontinued when students transition to underpants.  

This sounds amazing!  Do you have spaces available immediately?
Yes.  We are currently enrolling for ages 2.5-6 years.

How can I set up a tour?
Contact us at (714) 649-2214 or email silveradochildrenscenter@gmail.com