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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do academics play a role? What will my child learn at SCC?

Academics are incorporated into all we do utilizing everyday activities (counting rocks, identifying trees and wildlife, seeing patterns in nature, etc.)

Letter recognition and the alphabet are naturally integrated into daily play ("what letter does the word "bird" start with?") and educational songs are weaved into circle time activities. 

SEM (that's "STEM" without the "T" - as we are a technology-free school!) lessons happen organically; floating leaves down a water pipe, building towers with blocks and obstacle courses with crates and bridges. The natural world offers continuous opportunities for early teachings in physics and math. Teacher-led activities, appropriate for the level of each classroom, compliment the child-led exploration that happens each day. 

While you won't see "worksheets" on our campus, you'll see plenty of opportunities for learning. From digging in the sensory bin for wooden letters that spell your name, to learning about the life cycle of butterflies by observing their metamorphosis, children are creatively stimulated with new experiences daily. 

Our school’s values are always aligned: Foremost we are here to observe, respect, and support the children’s inquiries. We approach a child’s interest in literacy in the same way that we do a child’s interest in painting: we observe, document, reflect, collaborate, and support the continued exploration of the child. If a child shows interest in reading or letters (which nearly all of them do at some point during the school year), we honor that interest and help that child develop skills in that area.

Our SCC teachers treat each child as an individual, respect the child’s level of development, and do everything possible to promote growth for each one.

How are lunches and snack time handled? 

Nutritious mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are provided daily (10 AM and 3 PM for our full-day students). The menu varies each day - fresh fruit, vegetables and dip, pita chips and hummus, cereal, applesauce, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, etc. All snacks meet the required guidelines set out by Childcare Licensing for nutritional standards. 

Sometimes the students are involved in the snack prep, making it a full experience (currently on pause for COVID precautions). Student allergies are monitored closely to ensure that any food allergens are not incorporated into the menu. 

Children must bring their own lunch (served at 12 PM). We do not provide refrigeration or warm-ups of lunches - they must be ready to serve out of their lunch box (kept in a cooler for the morning).

Do you offer extended hours (early drop off or late pickup)? 

At this time, our earliest drop off is 8:30 AM, and latest pickup is 5 PM.

What is your teacher to student ratio? 

In our Seedlings Classroom, we have a 1:6 ratio. Our Acorns are 1:10, and our Pinecones are at no more than 1:12.

How much is Tuition? 

Visit our Enrollment Page to find the Tuition information and to schedule a tour! 

Are you a Nut-Free school? 

At this time we do not have any students enrolled with a peanut allergy - so we are NOT a nut-free school. If this changes, we will let all of our enrolled families know and modify to a nut-free environment.

What precautions are you taking regarding COVID-19?

The safety of our families is our most primary concern, and we are proud of the measures we have taken to ensure our families and staff are protected. 

Safety Measures in Place

  • First and foremost, we are an outdoor school. Aside from days with extreme weather, a large majority of the day's activities take place outdoors. Classroom time is necessary on occasion (bathroom visits, naptime or other events that require a more controlled environment).

  • Handwashing consistently is incorporated into the day's schedule, and proper technique is taught and supervised. 

  • Windows are kept open to ventilate the facility. 

  • We have implemented strategies to model and reinforce social and physical distancing and movement using the following:​

    • Model social distancing when interacting with children, families, and staff.

    • Role-play what social distancing looks like by demonstrating the recommended distance.

    • Frequent verbal reminders to children.

  • We are keeping the facilities clean and sanitized to the best of our ability by doing the following: 

    • Janitors clean and disinfect after each school day.

    • Staff disinfect all surfaces after use.

  • Restrooms are kept sanitary by requiring: 

    • Sink and toilet handles sanitized before and after each child’s use.

    • Changing area/pads sanitized before and after each use.

  • We teach, model, and reinforce healthy habits and social skills by doing the following:

    • We discuss with children why it’s not healthy to share drinks or food, particularly when sick.

    • We practice frequent handwashing by teaching a popular child-friendly song or counting to 20.

    • We teach children to use tissue to wipe their nose and to cough inside their elbow.

    • We are handwashing before and after eating, after coughing or sneezing, after playing outside, before and after using the restroom.

  • We adhere to the following guidelines during mealtime:​

    • We hand wash before and after eating.

    • We immediately clean and disinfect tables after meals.

    • We have temporarily eliminated Family Style snack serving.  Staff serve snacks – and gloves are required.

  • In addition, we are following all of the recommendations outlined by the California Department of Public Health.

Daily Health Check and Illness Procedures

  • Families are asked to screen themselves and children daily, prior to coming to the school. For the health and safety of staff, children, and all families, Parent/Guardian must notify us if children have taken any fever reducing medications in the prior 24 hours.

  • Staff and children’s temperature are taken each morning with a no-touch thermometer. 

  • If anyone has a temperature of 100.4°F or higher they are excluded from entering the front gate.

  • Staff and children are monitored throughout the day for any signs of possible illness.

  • If a child exhibits signs of illness, the child will be isolated and parent/guardian is notified immediately to pick up the child.

  • If a staff member exhibits signs of illness, they are immediately excused from work.

Face Coverings: We are currently following the guidance of the California Department of Public Health. Please visit this link for more details. 

SCC Staff and Teachers: Masks are not required outdoors for vaccinated staff and teachers. Masks are required for all adults (regardless of vaccination status) when indoors. 

Parents and Caretakers: We are asking ALL caregivers to please continue wearing a mask for pick up and drop off, and any time you are on campus for any reason (indoors or out).  

Children: Masks are encouraged (not required) for children. We do ask that all children have a mask in their emergency kit - and this will be used if children are ever indoors in a group of 6 or more. 

Pick Up and Drop Off: 

Our drop off and pick up procedures have been modified to reduce the number of people entering the property. Only children enter the gates of the school after checking in one-at-a-time from their cars. 

Caretakers MUST be masked when interacting with staff - and we ask that you use your OWN pen to sign your child in/out. 


Within the staff: 

Should a staff member become sick, they will

  • not come in to work (as is normal protocol) until symptoms subside

  • with fever, remain away from SCC for 24-72 hours (Depending on COVID vs.other)

  • or, in the case of COVID symptoms, specifically, or positive COVID test results, staff member will quarantine for 14 days past initial symptoms, with 72 hours of no symptoms (as per the CDC’s recommendation for health care workers) before returning to work.

  • If a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, their class will be closed for 10 days and those families not allowed to attend SCC during that quarantine period. (recommended testing and quarantine).

For Students: 

We ask that you keep your child home due to ANY illness, and follow the guidelines for returning to school, in an effort to keep our school community as healthy as possible during this pandemic.
Absences due to illness, travel or other personal reasons, will not be refunded or made up on other days that are not originally assigned to your child. We cannot accommodate make-up days
at this time. 
Protocol for illness and returning to school:

  • Based on CDC guidelines, if a member of your family has manifested the following symptoms in the last 24 hours (fever of 100.4 degrees and or higher, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea) you will be asked to return home. For faster return to school, COVID testing is recommended when COVID-like symptoms occur.

  • If sent home from school or away from school due to illness (rash, pink eye, etc.), students must remain away from school until absent of symptoms for 24 hours OR taking medication (such as antibiotic) at which time they can return to school with a doctor’s note, clearing the child from potential contagion to others.

  • In the case of allergy, children must have a doctor’s note which identifies the symptoms and treatment of the allergy, before returning to school. The treatment plan will become part of the child’s file for future reference.

In the event of a COVID positive staff member or student: 

  • The person testing positive must quarantine for 2 weeks, and show proof of a negative test result before returning to school. 

  • Anyone unvaccinated who was exposed to the positive case must also quarantine for 2 weeks. 

  • Examples: 

    • If an SCC teacher or student tests positive: the class and any other students the teacher or student was in contact with recently will need to stay home for 2 weeks. ​

    • If a student's family member or anyone in recent contact with the student tests positive: the student must remain home for 2 weeks.