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Support Silverado Children's Center

Friends of Silverado Children's Center is a 501c3 charity formed to support the facility and activities of SCC. 

The Friends of Silverado Children’s Center aims to support SCC by coordinating family engagement opportunities and volunteer projects, and raising funds to improve the programs and facility.

We invite SCC families and community members to be involved - contact us to learn more! ​​


FY23 Summary

We are proud of what we accomplished in our last fiscal year (July 2022 - June 2023). Scroll down to see some of our "we did this!" brag list... and check out the link to our financials here. It's thanks to your support through direct donations and events that makes this possible!

Make A Donation

Your donation will help the Friends of Silverado Children's Center carry out our mission: to support the programs and facilities of Silverado Children's Center. 

Funds raised will be used to make improvements to the play yards and facility, purchase needed materials and supplies for programs, and fund staff appreciation gifts.

We have lots of ways to donate: 


Projects Funded by Friends of SCC

These are just SOME of the items funded by Friends of SCC!

Screen Shot 2024-05-14 at 10.02.11 AM.png

Let that Sink In!

April 2024

The Pinecone/Oak Tree yard now has a functioning outdoor sink  - perfect for hand-washing, paint brush rinsing and more! 


Future's So Bright...

April 2024

Picked up some Solar Eclipse glasses so the students could watch this amazing event! 


Grass is greener...

August 2023

This square of dirt under the shady pergola was begging for a (faux) grassy oasis. The Friends were happy to oblige!
Better drainage, softer landing, happy color … ready to play!


Animal Signage

August 2023

New animal signs - including an “in memoriam” wall to honor our four-legged friends we’ve lost.❤️

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 10.17.39 AM.png

Bunny Home

August 2023

Ace and Bunzilla love their new indoor home! It’s a perfect retreat from their outdoor shelter when the weather isn’t SoCal perfect!


Bike Path Signage

August 2023

The Pinecone/Oak Tree bike path is now "rules of the road" compliant with 4 new road signs! Be sure to yield for pedestrians!


Gate Arbor

August 2023

The grapevine crawling across the fence covered our hike exit path... so the Friends installed this new arbor to give the grapes a place to climb up and over!


Shade... Glorious Shade!

July 2023

The school picked up 4 of these shade structures, and the Friends purchased 1 more and then provided the manpower to assemble them all! Ahh... sweet relief!


Shopping Spree!

July 2023

Another school was having a “closeout” sale... so we sent Miss Laurie on a shopping spree on the Friends! We filled two carloads of awesome: chairs, bookshelves, a light table, a water table, basketball hoop, toy cars, SO MUCH ART SUPPLIES, a box of pirate stuff (because... Pirates!) and LOTS more!


Water Bottles For All! 

April 2023

We picked up 60 new bottles to stay at the school for kids daily use!

  • Uniform size (and wide mouth opening): easy to fit all the bottles in the dishwasher without toppling over.

  • Flip top lids have limited small crevices and no "spouts"- easier to clean.

  • Dozens of designs and lid combos means that no 2 kids in the same class have the have same design - and no 2 kids in whole school have the same bottle/lid combo!

  • Large labels make it easy for staff to match lids/bottles after washing.


Water Table (x2!) 

March 2023

Two water cascade tables from Community Playthings (one for each yard) are ready for summer fun!


Circle time Carpets

February 2023

With the classes growing - the teachers needed some new circle time carpets. We were happy to pick up 24 new "Forest Floor" circles... we love a good theme!


Outdoor Bulletin Board

February 2023

Posted papers take a beating in our play yards, which makes it hard for the staff to keep necessary notices posted. So we grabbed an outdoor bulletin board - problem solved!

Resized_20221121_094042 2.JPG

Play Tunnel

November 2022

Climb, crawl, hide! So much fun in the play tunnel!

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 9.29.11 AM.png

Student Emergency Kit Storage

October 2022

Grab-and-Go suitcases for each class - filled with student emergency kits.

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 9.28.10 AM.png

Lunch Coolers

September 2022

4 Brand New Coolers - ready to collect and chill lunches for each classroom every day!


TWO Outdoor Play Tables!

September 2022 & January 2023

A table so nice - we bought it twice!
These outdoor tables are ready to take on LEGO's, train tracks, puzzles and whatever else comes their way!
With one on each play yard - every kid has a chance to play!



August 2022

The Friends were excited to add this crowd favorite set to the Seedling/Acorn yard!


New Washer & Dryer

June 2022

Bit of an upgrade from the original set from the 80s!


4-way Art Easel 

May 2022

More painters? No problem! This 4-way outdoor easel can handle them all!


Tot-sized tables and benches

May 2022

Flip these 3 seats one way to make a toddler bench, another to make a table, another to make (slightly taller) bench! Hose 'em off when they get dirty, and leave them outside! Perfect for an outdoor school!


Faux Grass

May 2022

This shady patch of the Pinecone/Oak Tree Yard is ideal for circle time, dramatic play on the "stage" and reading in the book nook. All it needed was a little faux grass to make it perfect!


Message Board

March 2022

School news and parent info right where you need it!


Access Gate Fence in the back Play Ground

November 2021

It's not just an additional emergency exit for staff and students - it's also a shortcut to the best kite-flying field around!

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 10.17.08 AM.png

Shade Awnings installed in the Pinecone/Oak Tree Play Yard

June 2021

It gets hot out here - but now teachers can pull the awnings out to block the shade, and tuck them away to prepare for wind or rain!

Thank You Sponsors!

We appreciate the support from our Corporate Partners!

HomeLight Square Logo.png


Sell Your Home Fast

Want to see your logo on this page? Contact us to learn how you can partner with FoSCC!

Project Wish List

These are projects we're excited to tackle next! Your donations will help us fund projects like these - and more!


Decking in the Acorn/Seedling Yard

A deck in this spot would elevate (and level) the outdoor sink to make it more usable, as well as give students/teachers a perfect shady spot for reading, dramatic play, and hosing off feet after a mud pit session!


Cook's and the Kids

April 15, 2023

The Friends of SCC brought the tunes (thanks to the Whiskey Throwbacks, The Plumes and the Road Soda Rangers) and hosted a raffle - and raised just more than $2,500 - including a $1,000 donation directly from Cook's Corner!

2023-04 Cook's Corner 001.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 004.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 046.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 049.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 050.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 044.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 040.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 045.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 039.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 038.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 029.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 030.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 034.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 025.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 023.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 019.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 024.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 018.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 016.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 017.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 053.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 014.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 015.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 013.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 012.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 031.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 010.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 009.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 006.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 007.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 005.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 002.jpg
2023-04 Cook's Corner 003.jpg

Wheelie Fun Festival

June 4, 2022

The 2nd Annual Wheelie Fun Festival was held on Saturday, June 4 at Silverado Community Center. More than 30 riders tackled the course, raising more than $9,000 to benefit FoSCC!

Wheelie Fun Festival 2022 Platform Image (2000 × 1200 px).png
2022-06 WFFG 39.jpg
2022-06 WFFB 12.jpeg
2022-06 WFFB 11.jpeg
2022-06 WFFC 6.jpeg
2022-06 WFFE 14.jpeg
2022-06 WFFD 32.jpg
2022-06 WFFD 19.jpg
2022-06 WFFD 10.jpg
2022-06 WFFD 5.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 1.05.43 PM.png
2022-06 WFFF 48.jpg
2022-06 WFFF 46.JPG
2022-06 WFFE 31.jpg
2022-06 WFFE 18.jpg
2022-06 WFFD 24.jpeg
2022-06 WFFD 16.jpg
2022-06 WFFC 2.jpg
2022-06 WFFD 12.jpg
2022-06 WFFG 59.jpg
2022-06 WFFG 79.jpg
2022-06 WFFB 2.jpg
2022-06 WFFG 21.jpg
2022-06 WFFG 16.jpg
2022-06 WFFA 3.JPG
2022-06 WFFG 90.jpg

Cook's and the Kids

March 19, 2022

A perfect afternoon of food, fun and friends - and we raised $2,000 to support the Friends of SCC! 

HUGE thanks to Cook's Corner, The Brandys, Her Silver Plane, The Whiskey Throwbacks and the James Kelly Band

Fall School Work Day

November 13, 2021
What an amazing Saturday - thank you to all the families who participated in our family work day! New friends were made, parents got personal tours of the best parts of the play yard from their tiny tour guides, and ALL of the projects on the board got completed! Can't beat that!

Silverado Country Fair

October 9 & 10, 2021
A perfect weekend in Silverado - where Friends of SCC was proud to host the Raffle and "Kid's Zone" at the annual Silverado Country Fair, hosted by the Inter-Canyon League. We raised more than $2,000 with raffle and auction items generously donated by the community, created kid's crafts and tested our skill with games!

Wheelie Fun Festival

June 5, 2021

What an AMAZING day at our Inaugural Wheelie Fun Festival!

Our 30 riders raised more than $6,500 to support SCC - and rocked the race course like champions!

Huge thanks to our awesome sponsors: Cook's Corner, Silverado Cafe, Irvine Park Railroad, OC Zoo, Wheel Fun Rentals Irvine Park & Mother's Secret!

Spring 2021 School Work Day

April 10, 2021
It was a perfect Saturday morning welcoming families on campus to with projects around the school. THANK YOU to all of the amazing volunteers for your hard work! 

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